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Del Close Marathon 14 – 10 Must See Shows on Saturday

June 26, 2012

1. Rough Cut – Los Angeles (12 PM – UCB Theatre)

Hailing from Los Angeles this group of UCB mainstays creates an improvised movie on the spot simply by asking for a lyric to a song. Featuring Tara Copeland (Diamond Lion), Suzi Barrett (Sentimental Lady), Will McLaughlin (Cagematch UCB), Monika Smith (Improvised Live), and Nick Wiger (Txt Msg Show), this group gives a clear look into the minds of what UCBLA has in store. Moreover, very few groups are practicing the movie form that originated in Chicago, so it is a chance to see it resurrected by some of LA’s brightest improv minds.

2. Improv 4 Humans Podcast Recording – Los Angeles (12 PM – UCB East)

Matt Besser’s new Earwolf podcast comes to DCM for the first time ever. Besser along with special guest stars take one word suggestions from Twitter, do a monologue inspired by that word, and jump into premise-based improv that plays as well over the radio as it does in person. Past guest stars include Tim Meadows (SNL), David Koechner (Anchorman), Andy Daly (Mad TV), and Ben Schwartz (Parks & Recreation). Come see the live recording of what is sure to be an improv knockout!

3. Mantzoukas & Morris – Los Angeles (4 PM – UCB Theatre)

Two of LA’s best improvisers take over the mainstage for a two-person show that is sure to bring the laughs. Jason Mantzoukas (The League) and Seth Morris (Late Night with Conan O’Brien) team up to perform a monoscene based off an audience suggestion. Mantzoukas currently performs with The Soundtrack at UCB and was part of the legendary New York City group Mother. Morris currently plays with UCB LA super group Facebook and has been featured on Improv 4 Humans. Their brilliance combined will be a sure hit at the marathon.

4. The Brothers Hines – New York City (7 PM – Hudson Guild)

Two of UCB NY’s most popular teachers, who also happen to be brothers, team up for their acclaimed show, The Brothers Hines. Will Hines (The Stepfathers) and Kevin Hines (The Curfew) create a montage of scenes off an audience suggestion that is both connected and meta. Their sibling dynamic comes out in the improv they create and gives a fun twist to the show. If you enjoy duoprov with strong realistic choices, The Brothers Hines is sure to be a hit for you!

5. Sandino – UCB NY (7:45 PM – Urban Stages)

Being the oldest active Harold team at UCB NY, Sandino’s chemistry is incredible, creating consistently fun shows that have entertained audiences at the theatre for over a year. Consisting of players such as Don Fanelli (The Chris Gethard Show), Brandon Gulya (Stone Cold Fox) and John Timothy (Improvised Anime). Sandino’s Harold’s are very connected, fun, and committed. Everyone is clearly on the wavelength and it is refreshing to see the form flow as they do it. Must see for Harold enthusiasts!

6. Death By Roo Roo – UCB NY (8 PM – UCB Theatre)

Famous for their record setting Cagematch runs at UCB NY, Death By Roo Roo is still potent as ever. Consisting of Neil Casey (Two-Man Movie), Anthony Atamanuik (Two-Man Movie), John Gemberling (Fat Guy Stuck in Internet), Gavin Speiller (Rogue Elephant), and John Murray (30 Rock). Roo Roo interviews an audience member about their family problems and then turns it into a montage of scenes that turn the pain into laughter. This show gets down and dirty, a must see for those who like to see boundaries smashed and full-on risks.

7. Diamond Lion – UCB NY (8:30 PM – UCB East)

The only musical improv house team at the UCB, Diamond Lion has made a name for themselves within the last year by having consistently entertaining shows. Made up of seasoned UCB players such as Winston Noel, Michael Kayne, and Amber Petty, Diamond Lion creates scenes that transition into song. This musical montage is a sure hit for those looking to see this specific form and it usually features guest stars. Must see!

8. The Curfew – UCB NY (9 PM – UCB Theatre)

Formerly known as Reuben Williams, The Curfew is one of the most long-standing weekend house teams at UCB NY. Made up of some of New York’s best improvisers – Kevin Hines (The Brothers Hines),  Charlie Todd (Improv Everywhere), Porter Mason (Bodega) – The Curfew creates a semi-narrative piece in which different time dashes occur, leading them to places where fun is located. Like a Harold, the show strives to make strong connections as characters develop and the thematics are very abundant in the form. Strongly recommended as a show that is both silly and meaningful.

9. The Late 90’s – iO Chicago (9:30 PM – UCB Theatre)

Touted as the best iO Chicago team of 2012, The Late 90’s hit the UCB mainstage to show off the best of the city’s talent. Their form, dubbed 9 Slots, is a combination of a Harold, the Deconstruction, and the La Ronde. If you enjoy organic, relationship-based improv, The Late 90’s is sure to wow you and give you a good perspective of what iO Chicago strives to produce. Must see if you want to know more about Chicago style improv.

10. The Great War – UCB LA (11:45 PM – Urban Stages)

Hailing from UCB LA, The Great War is one of the premiere Harold teams, made up of some seasoned veterans and bright young faces. Marcy Jarreau (Project Improviser) and Hal Rudnick (Groundlings) provide experience, while Brandon Sornberger (Nethertales) and Josh Simpson (Werner Hot Dog) provide fresh new talent. The group does a traditional UCB Harold with strong character play and fun choices made throughout. Get a taste of LA Harold Night with The Great War!

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