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Del Close Marathon 14 – 10 Must See Shows on Sunday

June 27, 2012

1. Bombardo – New York City (7:45 AM – UCB Theatre)

With cast members in both New York City and Los Angeles, Bombardo is one of the most famed female indie groups in the country. Consisting of people such as Aubrey Plaza (Parks & Recreation), Chelsea Clarke (The Curfew), and Marcy Jarreau (Project Improviser), this star-studded lineup is surely a gem hidden in the lineup. Performing a character intensive montage, Bombardo has excellent group mind and is always having fun on stage.

2. Dr. Fantastic – Washington D.C. (12 PM – Hudson Guild)

Hailing from Washington D.C., Dr. Fantastic is one of the longest running indie groups in the city. Consisting of Rory Scovel (Comedy Central) and Zhubin Parang (The Daily Show), Dr. Fantastic always plays a fresh high-energy montage filled with strong characters, big choices, and smart connections. Their format centers on the fact that they are “the best improv group ever formed” and they will show you that by using “your dumb suggestion” to create comedy gold. Must see!

3. Mister Diplomat – DSI Comedy Theatre Carrboro (2 PM – UCB Theatre)

Well-known as Dirty South Improv Comedy Theatre’s super group, Mister Diplomat always packs a punch of improv goodness. Consisting of some of the most experienced teachers at the theatre, the group’s style is very patient with a slow build to hilarities. Their commitment to the scene and total agreement helps build very realistic situations that are absurd. Get a taste of DSI with Mister Diplomat.

4. Improv Boston Mainstage – improv Boston (3 PM – UCB Theatre)

At last year’s marathon, Improv Boston Mainstage stunned audiences. Many agreed it was the best show of the festival. Led by Artistic Director Will Luera, Improv Boston Mainstage performs a high-energy montage that is quick with tag-outs, cut-to’s, and scenic support from the entire ensemble. The show is completely unpredictable and satisfying due to the amount of risks and chaotic nature that the ensemble commits to. If you want to see a montage that is both tight and exploratory, Improv Boston Mainstage is a perfect fit.

5. Matt & – Philadelphia (4:30 PM – UCB East)

Hailing from Philadelphia, Matt & is a unique show that is both bizarre and gutsy. Matt Holmes (Rare Bird Show) asks for an audience volunteer, usually someone who has never done improv before, to come up on stage and do an improvised show with him. Holmes is brilliant while working with someone he has had no experience performing with before. His ability to make things work in the scene, create fun dynamics, and avoid obstacles created by the new comer is incredible. It shows you just how talented he is. Must see!

6. Convoy – Los Angeles (5 PM – UCB Theatre)

This three person show from UCB LA really defines what a proper tag-out is. Consisting of three members of Sentimental LadyAlex Fernie, Alex Berg, Todd FasenConvoy’s format is a rapid pace tag-out battle, taking what’s fun in one scene and taking it to a place where that fun is explored to its maximum. Right when you think it’s fully heightened, Convoy begins exploring another element of the scene. The pace is consistent for the entire half-hour and is one of the most impressive, smart, and quick improv groups ever to be created. Highly recommended to those who enjoy quick UCB game heavy improv.

7. Rogue Elephant – New York City (5 PM – Hudson Guild)

One of New York’s long-standing and most revered indie teams does their 9th Del Close Marathon show this year. Rogue Elephant, consisting of Gavin Speiller (Death By Roo Roo), Nate Smith (30 Rock), Jim Santagelli (The Curfew), Silvija Ozols (The Stepfathers), and Eddie Dunn (Grenade vs. Washing Machine), has performed all over the country and at some of the best comedy theatres in the nation – iO Chicago, UCB NY. Moreover, they have had a long run at Under St. Marks in New York City and are a dynamite combination of improv super-stars. Must see!

8. Baby Wants Candy – Chicago (5:30 PM – UCB Theatre)

The mother of all musical improv comedy groups, Baby Wants Candy hits the mainstage as usual this year at DCM. Consisting of LA, New York, and Chicago’s most creative minds, Baby Wants Candy creates a narrative story that follows different characters’ lives and struggles. With musical numbers spread out, each character expresses what is important to them and we find out their journey as they continue on. The musical improvisation, as well as the scene work is brilliant, absurd, and committed. You will leave wanting more and will probably track them down after the show and ask for autographs. Cannot recommend this show enough!

9. Arts & Athletics – UCB LA (6:15 PM – Urban Stages)

Hailing from UCB LA, Arts & Athletics is one of the most up-and-coming Harold Teams at the theatre. Rising stars Mookie Blaiklock (The Twitter Show), Allan McLeod (The Twitter Show), and Tricia McAlpin (FunnyorDie) anchor the group and provide good experience and strong choices. If you’re looking for a Harold that can go off the ropes and come back, Arts & Athletics is an excellent choice.

10. Outlook of the Poet – New York City (7 PM – UCB Theatre)

Veterans of UCB NY Jon Gabrus (The Law Firm) and Gavin Speiller (Death By Roo Roo) create a fantasy-themed show complete with crazy characters and absurd realities. They perform a monoscene that incorporates sci-fi tropes, fantasy jargon, and poetic soliloquy. In addition to being a linguistically impressive show, it provides a fun filter for the improv that is unique and captivating. If you are a connoisseur of genre heavy improv and enjoy something challenging, definitely get over to the mainstage for Outlook of the Poet.


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