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Comedy Festivals


South Beach Comedy Festival – Miami, FL

Charleston Comedy Festival – Charleston, SC

New Jersey Comedy Festival – New Brunswick, NJ

Brouhaha Comedy Festival – Minneapolis, MN

Magners Comedy Festival – Boston, MA

Melonville Comedy Festival – Hermiston, OR

Fairbanks Funnyfest – Fairbanks, AK


NC Comedy Arts Festival – Chapel Hill, NC

Telluride Comedy Festival – Telluride, CO

Providence Comedy Festival – Providence, RI

Traverse City Comedy Festival – Traverse City, MI

Hubcap Comedy Festival – Moncton, NB


SXSW Comedy – Austin, TX

Women in Comedy Festival – Boston, MA

Atlanta Comedy Festival – Atlanta, GA

Laughing Skull Comedy Festival – Atlanta, GA

Dallas Comedy Festival – Dallas, TX

SLO Comedy Festival – San Luis Obispo, CA

Detroit Comedy Fest – Detroit, MI

Gilda’s Laugh Fest – Grand Rapids, MI

Uptown Waterloo Comedy Festival – Waterloo, ON


Bridgetown Comedy Festival – Portland, OR

Arizona Comedy Festival – Phoenix, AZ

Columbus Comedy Festival – Columbus, OH

Russian River Comedy Festival – Guerneville, CA

Southern Illinois Comedy Festival – Carbondale, IL

Winnepeg Comedy Festival – Winnepeg, MB

Southwest Funnyfest – Albuquerque, NM

Show Me Comedy Festival – St. Joe’s, MI

Halifax Comedy Festival – Halifax, NS


Green Mountain Comedy Festival – Burlington, VT

Miami Comedy Fest – Miami, FL

Big Easy Comedy Festival – New Orleans, LA

Cape Fear Comedy Festival – Wilmington, NC

Ladies Are Funny Festival – Austin, TX

Calgary Canada Comedy Festival – Calgary, BC

Jersey Shore Comedy Festival – Point Pleasant, NJ


Just For Laughs – Chicago, IL

Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festival – Aspen, CO

Great American Comedy Festival – Norfolk, NE

Staten Island Comedy Festival – Staten Island, NY

Laugh For a Cause – San Francisco, CA

Salt Lake City Comedy Festival – Salt Lake City, UT

Bloomington Comedy Festival – Bloomington, IN

Coastal Carolina Comedy Festival – Elizabeth City, NC

Anchorage Comedy Festival – Anchorage, AK

Great Plains Comedy Festival – Saskatoon, SK


Just For Laughs – Montreal, QC

Annapolis Comedy Festival – Annapolis, MD

Laugh Your Asheville Off – Asheville, NC

Nantucket Comedy Festival – Nantucket, MA

Long Island Comedy Festival – Atlantic Beach, NY

Laugh Track Comedy Festival – Denver, CO

Fargo Comedy Festival – Fargo, ND


Out of Bounds Comedy Festival – Austin, TX

Lucile Ball Festival of Comedy – Jamestown, NY

LOL Comedy Festival – San Bernardino, CA

Hamptons Comedy Festival – Long Island, NY

Maine Comedy Festival – Bethel, ME

Hampton Beach Comedy Festival – Hampton, NH


Boston Comedy Festival – Boston, MA

Atlantic City Comedy Festival – Atlantic City, NJ

Orlando Comedy Festival – Orlando, FL

Long Beach Comedy Festival – Long Beach, CA

Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival – Brooklyn, NY

Castlebraid Comedy Festival – Brooklyn, NY

Boise Comedy Festival – Boise, ID

Vancouver International Comedy Festival – Vancouver, BC

Waterbury Comedy Festival – Waterbury, VT


New York Underground Comedy Festival – New York City, NY

Bentzen Ball Comedy Festival – Washington, DC

Out Loud Comedy & Arts Festival – San Francisco, CA

Plymouth Rock Comedy Festival – Plymouth Rock, MA

Connecticut Comedy Festival – Bridgeport, CT

Laughing Stock Comedy Festival – Salt Lake City, UT

Iowa Comedy Festival – Des Moines, IA

Edmonton Comedy Festival – Edmonton, AB


The Comedy Festival – Las Vegas, NV

New York Comedy Festival – New York City, NY

Laughter Comedy Fest – Los Angeles, CA

Hawaii International Comedy Festival – Honolulu, HI

Cleveland Comedy Festival – Cleveland, OH


Eagle Rock Comedy Festival – Pasadena, CA


Improv & Sketch Festivals


San Francisco Sketchfest – San Francisco, CA

Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival – Chicago, IL

Gainesville Improv Festival – Gainesville, FL

RAWR Penn State Improv Festival – State College, PA


Seattle Festival of Improv Theatre – Seattle, WA

Skidmore National College Comedy Festival – Saratoga Springs, NY


Spontaneous Combustion Improv Festival – Atlanta, GA

Slate: The World College Comedy Festival – Washington, DC

Ottawa Improv Festival – Ottawa, ON


Chicago Improv Festival – Chicago, IL

Up The Creek Improv Festival – Queens, NY

Phoenix Improv Festival – Phoenix, AZ

The Fracas! Improv Festival – Los Angeles, CA

Thumbs Up State Improv Festival – Syracuse, NY

Delaware Improv and Sketch Comedy O’Festival – Newark, DE

Raleigh Improv Festival – Raliegh, NC

Bellwether Improv Festival – Columbus, OH

Evergreen Improv Festival – Olympia, WA


All Day Improv Festival – Long Island, NY

Austin Sketchfest – Austin, TX

Montreal Sketch Comedy Festival – Montreal, QC

Kalamazoo Improv Festival – Kalamazoo, MI

Evanston Improv Festival – Evanston, IN


Providence Improv Fest – Providence, RI

Duo Fest – Philadelphia, PA

Los Angeles Improv Festival – Los Angeles, CA

Twin Cities Improv Festival – Minneapolis, MN

Sketchfest NYC – New York City, NY

Snubfest – Chicago, IL

Megaphone Marathon – Texas

Colorado Improv Festival – Colorado Springs, CO

Duke City Improv Festival – Albuquerque, NM

Improvaganza – Edmonton, AB


Sarasota Improv Festival – Sarasota, FL

Improv Festival Oklahoma – Oklahoma City, OK

Shadowbox Sketch Comedy Festival – Columbus, OH

Miami Improv Festival – Miami, FL


Del Close Marathon – New York City, NY

Baltimore Improv Festival – Baltimore, MD

Comedy Improv Throw Down – Harrisburg, PA

San Francisco Improv Festival – San Francisco, CA

Portland Improv Festival – Portland, ME

Milwaukee Improv Festival – Milwaukee, WI

Motor City Improv Festival – Detroit, MI

Iowa Improv Fest – Des Moines, IA


Boston Improv Festival – Boston, MA

Toronto Improv Festival – Toronto, ON

Black Box Comedy Festival – Atlanta, GA

World Domination TheatreSports Improv Tournament – Atlanta, GA

Kansas City Improv Festival – Kansas City, MO

Calgary Improv Festival – Calgary, AB

Denver Improv Festival – Denver, CO

Orlando Improv Festival – Orlando, FL

Sacramento Comedy Festival – Sacramento, CA

Red Rocks Improv Festival – Cedar City, UT

Improvaganza! – Honolulu, HI


Philadelphia Improv Festival – Philadelphia, PA

Montreal Improv Festival – Montreal, QC

Vancouver International Improv Festival – Vancouver, BC

Sketchfest Seattle – Seattle, WA

Victoria International Improv Festival – Victoria, BC

Rochester Improv Fringe Festival – Rochester, NY


New York Musical Improv Festival – New York City, NY

Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival – Toronto, ON

Philly Sketchfest – Philadelphia, PA

Please leave a comment if you have anything to add to the pre-existing lists.

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